Stone Merchant in Aldershot | What Dictates the Cost of Natural Stone Paving?

Buying natural stone supplies can be overwhelming if you have never done it before, and there are important things to think about. Love Stone is a good place to go for help. We are established stone merchants from Ewshot, and we have a full range of natural stone paving supplies available to help you transform property interiors and exteriors in Aldershot. Our company can guide you and prevent unnecessary costs when purchasing materials.

We stock Indian sandstone, porcelain paving and a wider product range of slabs and tiles which we source from manufacturers we know and trust. Love Stone personally visits the offices and workshops of suppliers, anywhere in the world, to ensure our sources share the same ethics as we have ourselves.

Here, we discuss the key points which dictate natural stone paving prices.

Ordering the Correct Quantity

Many stone merchants here in the Aldershot area sell Indian sandstone and porcelain paving in packs, which might be too big or too small for your needs. For example, if you have a patio that is 20 square metres in size, a stone pack might only cover 18 square metres. Some companies will split packs for you, but this usually comes with a surcharge applied. It is, however, a good idea to buy 10% more than what you need when purchasing natural stone supplies and paving supplies. This allows for accidents and extra cuts.

While it is possible to buy slabs and tiles in small quantities, Love Stone sells in packs too but, because we sell in a wide range of sizes, it is possible to calculate your needs – including the required 10% allowance – with more precision than stone merchants who have a more limited range.

Delivery Costs

Moving natural stone is not cheap. The cost to deliver a single slab can be the same as dispatching a whole crate. At Love Stone, the delivery cost is managed to keep prices low. We have our own fleet of lorries, and we also have access to a pallet delivery service. Larger orders can save money on transportation, which is especially good news for our commercial clients in Aldershot. Customers can also collect stone supplies and paving supplies in person by coming down to our premises on Farnham Road in Ewshot.

A reputable stone merchant will monitor transportation costs carefully and recommend suitable quantities to make deliveries cost-efficient.

Price Increases and Quality

The cost of importing natural stone paving fluctuates for various reasons, like transportation and fuel costs. Despite the initial expense, Indian sandstone and porcelain paving last for years and are high in quality. Love Stone prices by the metre and converts the average span of materials into convenient pack sizes. This ensures value and reinforces our commitment to first-class customer and client service. At Love Stone, the customer always comes first. We treat you as the most important person in our business.

In simple terms, when buying stone supplies or paving supplies, it is important to consider how much you need, how slabs and tiles will be delivered and the quality of the stone itself. We can help customers from Aldershot to navigate these factors and ensure that they make the right buying choices.

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