Stone and Paving Supplies in Woking | Cleaning Mortar from a Natural Stone Paving Surface

One of the most important considerations of using natural stone paving is the pointing. The pointing, if the work isn’t done correctly, can mess up the entire job. Here, we talk about how to get rid of mortar stains on Indian sandstone and porcelain paving. Based in Ewshot, we are established stone merchants and have a full range of stone supplies and paving supplies in stock. All slabs and tiles come from factories that we have visited and inspected personally.

Customers from nearby Woking can visit us instore to collect, or we can make deliveries across the UK by lorry or a pallet delivery service.

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Think about the time, work and money you put into laying a stone surface:

  • Planning and Research
  • Finding an Installer
  • Preparing the Area
  • Putting in a Base
  • Laying the Stones
  • Pointing the Surface Joints

The last step might seem small, but it is one of the most crucial. We have seen slabs and tiles ruined in the past because of bad pointing work.

When Things Go Wrong

We have seen customer jobs in Woking where the homeowner has chosen Indian sandstone or porcelain paving for their garden. They (or their builder) did a fantastic job laying the slabs (or tiles) but then messed up the pointing. Here's what went wrong. They tried to use mortar with a trowel instead of a special tool called a gun, which is a significant mistake for a professional.

Mortar spills happen during paving, but you can fix them by keeping water and a sponge nearby to wipe them off. It can be frustrating that someone's efforts ended up spoiled just because they didn't use the basics.

Natural stone paving will clean easily if customers in Woking, or contractors, clean our stone supplies and paving supplies immediately after a spillage.

Cleaning Mortar

Cleaning mortar from stone paving can be tricky if you use the wrong agent. It can harm the stone's surface or cause rust stains, which isn’t what you want. The best way is to wipe off the mortar with a cloth and clean water as soon as it spills. Don't let it dry on the surface. Wash it off completely. This will help preserve appearance and save you having to take on even more work.

Indian sandstone and porcelain paving clean easily so long as homeowners in the Woking area are responsive in their approach to spillages.

And, as a stone merchant, we are responsive in our approach too!

Removing Old Mortar Stains

Sometimes, the mortar stains dry into the natural stone paving surface and can look bad. Don't worry because you can usually get rid of them. It may not be easy, and it takes a bit of effort, but we know you can do it. If a mortar stain is light, use a pressure washer and a stiff brush to clean stone supplies and paving supplies. Be careful not to dislodge mortar between the stones.

A lower pressure setting will help.

If mortar is really stuck onto Indian sandstone or porcelain paving, you'll need a special cleaner which our stone merchants can supply. Love Stone will recommend you a suitable cleaning product based on the slabs or tiles you have chosen for installation at your Woking property.

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