Natural Stone Paving in Fleet | Reasons to Choose a Natural Stone Finish

Natural stone paving is durable, has great style and saves money in terms of long-term expenditure on interior and exterior works. If you are planning a new driveway or patio installation for a garden in Fleet, or if you want to create a room feature like a natural stone fireplace or worktop, you will need the services of experienced stone merchants. Love Stone, based in Farnham in Ewshot, is a proud supplier of natural stone supplies, like Indian sandstone, and of other paving supplies such as porcelain paving slabs and tiles

There are plenty of options for paving, but the big choice between concrete, pavers and natural stone is a difficult one. Concrete slabs are used a lot and are popular because of their price point, but we believe that natural stone is truly special because it delivers more benefits than all other materials.

Here, we give you five good reasons as to why you should choose natural stone paving tiles for installations in Fleet over the other options available.

Lasting Finish

Natural stone paving and porcelain paving are long-term investments. You will want your new installation to last for many years. Concrete slabs can break and wear down over time because of weather or foot traffic. Natural stone supplies, like Indian sandstone slabs and tiles, and paving supplies made from porcelain, are incredibly tough and can last for many decades.

Most products available through stone merchants are made from hardened minerals that took thousands of years to form in the earth.

Stunning Appearance

Nowadays, manufacturers can make fake slabs that look like real rock. It is also possible for contractors to imprint concrete and reproduce the finish of more expensive materials. But most people in Fleet agree that real natural stone paving is more beautiful. All slabs and tiles have a unique design and pattern. Nothing made by man can reproduce the quality of stone supplies and paving supplies. Natural stone paving ages well and keeps its beauty.

In terms of aesthetics, those seeking a top-of-the-range finish should always give stone and porcelain materials their full consideration.

Ease of Maintenance

You are probably busy enough without having to worry about maintaining paving. Natural stone is easy to look after. Once it is in place, it keeps its look and colour without fading. You can clean it easily with hot soapy water and a firm brush. Remember to sweep and wash down your Indian sandstone or porcelain paving regularly, especially during the winter when more debris accumulates. Just some basic care will preserve a stone’s condition.

Avoid damage by never using pressure washers on natural stone paving. The pressure of the jet can remove a stone’s patina and protective sealant.

Boost in Property Value

Whether you are selling a home in Fleet or just want to make it look nicer, a natural stone paving product adds value. Our stone supplies and paving supplies are timeless additions that always look great. Stone slabs or tiles can be a unique selling point should you decide to move. Prospective buyers who know you have invested into natural stone for worktops and paving surfaces will gain a good impression of your property and, hopefully, make an offer.

A reputable stone merchant should be able to help and inform you on the best colours, sizes and textures based on your home and style preferences.

Good for the Earth

Using Indian sandstone and porcelain paving is a great way to help our planet. We stock eco-friendly stone supplies and paving supplies because they come direct from the earth. Natural stone paving is greener and far better in terms of quality than fake slabs and tiles which use a lot of energy and create waste. Our fleet customers can feel reassured that our company personally checks the workplace conditions of our stone suppliers.

Love Stone is an ethical company that has great relationships with a wide range of manufacturers, both here in the UK and across the world.

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