Stone Supplies in Basingstoke | Taking Care of Natural Stone Paving

If you have spent good money on natural stone paving or have purchased a product from our range of stone supplies, it makes equally good sense that you would want to protect your investment. Love Stone, an established stone merchant based in Ewshot, can lend you advice on caring for Indian sandstone, porcelain paving and our wider selection of slabs and tiles. The location of our premises is easily accessible from nearby Basingstoke.

It is here that we source, stock and sell natural stone and paving supplies.

People often ask us how to keep natural stone paving tiles looking good over time. There are three important things to remember for any type of natural stone, whether used inside or outside of the home. We are one of the most reputable stone merchants to cover the Basingstoke area and the way we offer information on aftercare is just as important as our work as a supplier.

Seal and Reseal

After your natural stone paving or product has been installed, it is crucial to seal it. A sealant offers protection. Ask your stone merchant or installer about the right type of sealant to use based on the stone supplies or paving supplies you have purchased, and where you have had them installed. There are different kinds like water and solvent-based sealants available, some with colour enhancers, others which promote a natural finish, and more besides with anti-slip capabilities. Only use sealants if suited to the original material.

Be sure to reseal the stone regularly, typically at 12-month intervals. You can test Indian sandstone to see if it needs resealing by placing a small drop of water on the surface. If it gets absorbed, it is time to reseal.

End users in Basingstoke should note that Indian sandstone tiles are porous, but our porcelain paving isn’t, and therefore does not need sealing.

Use the Right Cleaning Liquid

Use a cleaning solution that's labelled safe for natural stone paving. You can find products in local shops that will do the job, but a stone merchant should have something specific for use on stone supplies and paving supplies in stock. The key is to make sure any solution you use to clean Indian sandstone or porcelain paving, and to ensure good care, is labelled as pH neutral.

Avoid using acidic or alkaline cleaners. A pH-neutral cleaner is gentler and safer for your natural stone and won’t damage its structural integrity. If in any doubt, the Basingstoke area has numerous companies available that clean natural stone driveways, patios and paving using professional products.

Choose Gentle Cleaning Tools

Use soft cleaning tools to avoid scratching the surface of your natural stone paving. Avoid abrasive tools like scouring pads. Instead, use a soft cloth, a gentle mop, or a broom with soft plastic bristles to clean your stone. These won't leave scratches and will help keep your Indian sandstone or porcelain paving tiles looking resplendent. Your stone merchant will usually offer advice on the right tools to use as part of their aftercare service.

Caring for natural stone is all about being gentle and using the right products.

If you have purchased stone supplies or paving supplies for your Basingstoke property and need advice on how to care for it, Love Stone is here to help. We have a passion for natural stone slabs and tiles. Because we treat you as the most important part of our business, providing information on aftercare is a key contributor to an ongoing success story that started in 1966.

Call Love Stone on 01252 705979. We have stone supplies and paving available to customers in Basingstoke and the surrounding areas.